Cassie Rodenberg: Electron-ic Bonds


I am a [science] writer and an inorganic chemist who ardently loves environmental health. I swapped the seagulls of Charleston, SC for the pigeons of New York City and am now a cooing enthusiast who still, rarely, longs for the smell of pluff mud.

I love people, and I love scientists a ten-fold more than most. Scientifically, I enjoy environmental health (mainly air quality), nanoparticles, biomedical research and quagmires in general. Personally, I enjoy all that is cold weather (most importantly snow and skiing), coffee, white wine and the occasional ball python. Literally, I enjoy novels in verse, non-fiction memoirs and all-around beautiful prose.

In real life, I’m a digital producer at Discovery. Feel free to contact me at

My new blog home is here, on Scientific American.

Many thanks to Justin Rose, photographer extraordinare, for my website design.


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