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Cutbacks: energy and science
December 31, 2008, 9:59 am
Filed under: Science

Energy cutbacks ring in the new year: Holdren to become the President-elect’s science adviser, new LED bulbs to be used in the Times Square ball drop. However, cutbacks don’t stop there. With CNN’s dismissal of its science journalism department comes much concern from this young science writer.

“We want to integrate environmental, science and technology reporting into the general editorial structure rather than have a stand alone unit,” said CNN spokesperson Barbara Levin. “Now that the bulk of our environmental coverage is being offered through the Planet in Peril franchise, which is produced by the Anderson Cooper 360 program, there is no need for a separate unit.”

CNN hasn’t cut its health and medical unit but concentrates its antics towards science, environmental and technology reporting. Why? With the dawning of a new era in national politics, environmental technology at its forefront, why would CNN clothesline its science news?

In current times “economic downturn” is the wild card given to companies dealing blows to employees. A pardon is bestowed by the public as we all struggle to keep our heads above water; I am not black-hearted enough to differ from the masses. I accept “economic downturn” as a free space of sorts; however, CNN says the cuts are unrelated to finances and are meant to “reorganize.”

Should we call the network’s bluff and its promise of financial well-being or should we scratch our heads and wonder why, of all things, science was placed on the cutting block?


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